Due to over competition among all the four networks in Nigeria, Each an every one of them has decided to come up with something wonderful for their lovely customers and it is real, fast and affordable.
On my last network post, I wrote on how to get mtn 3gb for 1000 naira which is still working fine. If you are my type that loves night browsing then don't stop reading because i will revile all active night plans in Nigeria just for you to calm and make your choices while i take them step by step.

1.  MTN
Among all the four networks in Nigeria, MTN is on the right track to offer their subscriber(s) the best and cheap plan so far. With their fast network i think these plan will take care of all heavy downloads, video streaming, movie downloads, game download, smartphone system updating etc, this is actually a cheap bundle you can try.
The MTN plan is of two types:
That of 12am to 4am.
That of 9pm to 6am.
Lets take it one after the other,

To get  mtn 500mb for 25 naira

i) Your mtn sim must be on the MTN pulse tariff plan,but if you are not sure of your plan then dial *123# to confirm your plan or better still dial *406# to migrate to mtn pulse plan.
ii) Send NIGHT to 131 via SMS  and you will  get a message showing that your night plan has been successful.

MTN 9pm to 6am plan:
i) 1gb for 200 naira (9pm to 6am)
ii) 2.5gb for 500 naira (9pm to 6am)
iii) 5gb for 1000 naira (9pm to 6am)
To activate these plan,just dial *198# > select 2 > then select 8 to view all plan.

Etisalat fans are not exceeded from this trending Nigeria communication network night plan bumdle which has been the cheapest data plan to surf and download the internet.
Everyone on the etisalat prepaid plan is eligible for this one night service which starts from 12am to 5am.

To get etisalat 1gb for 200 naira
i) Load N200 in your etisalat sim,
ii) Dial *229*11# and you will be activated for the plan

3. GLO
Globacom nigeria is doing a different thing on their own.The glo night plan comes along with a week end plan that is also affordable ,Trust me ! you will like their below plan.

Glo night and week end plan
i) 1gb for 200 naira (12am to 5am) one night plan
ii) 3gb for 500 naira (sat and sun + 7 nights 00-05am)
iii) Dial *777# and follow the prompt (Data services >> Buy data >> Night and weekend plans), then select 1 for night plan or 2 for weekend plan.

Airtel have been a lovely network that offers very cheap plan right from olden days.The new airtel night plan was accompanied by Airtel 1gb for 500 naira which is valid for one week and 200mb for N200 + 30min airtel calls weeked offer and free 15mb for 7days when you recharge with 200 naira.

To activate the offer
This plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users on airtel,it means you must migrate to airtel smartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer,dial *312# then reply with 1.

To subscribe to airtel 1.5gb for N500, 500mb for N25 and 1gb for N500
i) dial *312#
ii) For 1gb which costN500,reply with 2 - valid for 7 days
iii) For 500mb which cost 25 and 1.5gb for N50, reply with 3 - night plan from 122 to 5qm
iv) For 200mb which cost N200 + 30MIN call,reply with 4 - weekend (sat and sun)

All the above mentioned night plan works perfectly on any device or laptop so the choice is yours.
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ACTIVE writter from Enugu state,Nigeria and am currently living in Awka as a student in Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambara state. I love technology post and tutorial talks and i have passion for all i publish. Thanks for reading

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